PETERS Forest Resources – The leader in managing tracts of forested property.

For the past twenty years, PETERS Forest Resources has offered their services to those looking for guidance or advice in managing tracts of forested property. The highly experienced staff at this family-owned business makes sure their clients receive the most helpful information in deciding how to get the most out of their land.

Owner and President Warren Peters founded the company in 1996, and the company has been successful ever since; today, employees boast over 75 years combined experience, and the third generation of the Peters family is hard at work in the family business. PETERS Forest Resources offers advice in forested land management, appraisal, land sales, and consulting, with an expert staff member for each.

The company assists clients in managing land in such a way that it will provide income from timber while remaining attractive for recreational purposes—an important priority in the Sportsman’s Paradise. Expert forest management allows landowners not only to realize a profit, but also to enrich their own lives as well as retain a valuable asset to pass through their families. If you love to hunt, fish, hike, explore, or just spend some time outdoors, PETERS Forest Resources can highlight your property’s potential, through a combination of expert knowledge of natural processes and an understanding of how to channel them toward human priorities and goals.

Over two decades, PETERS has seen more and more clients come in with a primary interest in enhancing their land as a habitat for game animals. Mature forests, complete with a large number of full-grown, tall trees, aren’t the best habitat for animals like deer. Deer rely on low-growing trees or plants, called “browse,” for food, but in a mature forest, not enough sunlight reaches the forest floor to encourage browse growth, nor is there the brush deer and other prey animals like to hide in. Through managed timber removal, better habitat for deer and other game animals can be encouraged, filling your land with enough animals to provide a stable population and ample hunting opportunities. (And, of course, that timber can generate considerable income for the landowner.)

In addition to forest management, PETERS Forest Resources provides real estate brokerage through its affiliation with United Country Real Estate, along with consulting services for general forestry and other natural resources, reforestation, hunting lease administration, and more. They perform appraisals for private landowners as well as for the forest industry, state and federal agencies, and mortgage lenders, and provide data management and mapping services through Geographical Information System (GIS) applications.

Peters admits his favorite part of the job is getting to do something different every day and interact with clients. “I obviously love being outside, but the best part is getting to watch clients create a dream and help it come true.”